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ACLS = Automatic Carrier Landing System
ACM = Air Combat Manoeuvring
ADF = Automatic Direction Finder
AEW = Airborne Early Warning
AGL = Above Ground Level
"Angel" = altitude in thousand of foot ex: Angels 2-0 = 20 000 ft
APC = Approach Power Compensator
ASW = Anti Submarine Warfare
AFB = Air Force Base
AGF = Commanding Ship
AGFL = Light Commanding Ship
AGOR = Oceanographical Ship
AGS = Hydrographic Ship
AK = Cargo ship
AKL = Light Cargo Ship
AOR = Tanker and Refueller
AORL = Light Tanker and Refueller
AR = Repairing Ship
ARL = Light Repairing Ship
ASW = Anti-Submarine Wing
ATA = Oceanic Tug boat
ATF = Oceanic Tug boat which length is > 50m
AVT = Aviation Landing Training Ship
AWACS = Airborne Warning and Air Control System

"Bandit" = enemy identified
"Buster" = maximum speed
B/ BB = Battleship
BC = Battle cruiser
"Bolter" = Navy jargon, when a pilot has missed wires and have to try again.

"Carquals" = CARrier QUALificationS
CCA = Carrier Controlled Approach
CAP = Combat Air Patrol
CAS = Close Air Support
"Catch the ball" = Navy expression ; when pilots are in the axis of the main runway of the ship and their HUD are in the axis of the mirror.
CAW = Carrier Air Wing
CB = Large Cruiser
CC =  Battle/ Command cruiser
CG = Guided Missile Cruiser
CGN = Guided Missile Cruiser Nuclear
CH = Carrier Cruiser
CHG = Carrier Cruiser with Guided Missile
CODAG = Combined Diesel And Gas
CODLAG = Combined Diesel Electric And Gas
CODOG = Combined Diesel Or Gas
COGAG = Combined Gas And Gas
COGOG = Combined Gas Or Gas
COMAO = COMbined Air Operation
C-SAR = Combat-Search And Rescue
CSTOL = Conventional Take Off & Landing
CV = Aircraft Carrier
CVA = Attack Aircraft Carrier after WWII
CVB = Large Aircraft Carrier after WWII
CVE = Escort Aircraft Carrier
CVL = Light Aircraft Carrier
CVN = Nuclear Aircraft Carrier
CVS = Anti-Submarine/ Support Carrier
CVSG = Aircraft Carrier armed with guided missiles & helicopters

DACT = Dissimular Aircraft Combat Training
DCA = Defensive Counter Air
DD = Destroyer
DE = Escort ship/ Escort Destroyer
DoD = Department of Defense
"Donut" = clear for landing
"Dropline" = alignment of the flight deck red lights

ECM = Electronic Counter Measures
EEZ = Exclusive Economic Zone
EHF = Extra High Frequency
ELF = Extra Low Frequency
ELINT = ELectronic INTelligence
EPR = Engine Power Ratio
ESM = Electronic Security Measures

FA = French Army
FAF = French Air Force
FBA = Franco-British Aviation C° Ltd
FCLP = Field Carrier Landing Practice
FF = Anti-Submarine Frigate
FFG = Anti-Submarine Frigate, also equipped with Air-to-Air Missiles
FFH = Frigate with Helicopter
FLIR = Forward Looking InfraRed
FLOLS = Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System
"Fox-one" = semi-active or active missile fired
"Fox-two" = Infra Red missile fired
"Fox-three" = cannon firing
FS = Fast Escort/ Corvette
FN = French Navy

GCA = Ground Controlled Approach
GCI = Ground Controlled Intercept
GPS = Global Positioning System

HARM = High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile
HF = High Frequency
HMS = Her Majesty Ship
HOTAS = Hand On Throttle And Stick
HUD = Head Up Display

"Idle" = low speed
ILS = Instrument Landing System
INS = Inertial Navigation System
IRBM = Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile

JSF = Joint Strike Fighter
"Judy" = " I bandits' information, I intercept him"
"Jump" = strike

LAMPS = Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System
LCAC = Landing Craft Air Cushion
LCC = Landing Craft Command
LCM = Landing Craft Mechanized
LCP = Landing Craft Personnel
LCPJ = Overcraft
LCU = Landing Craft Utility
LCVP = Landing Craft Vehicle and Personal
LCVPJ = Big Overcraft
LHA = Landing Helicopter Assault (Tarawa SCB-410 class)
LHD = Landing Helicopter Dock (Wasp class)
LKA = Amphibious Cargo Ship
LLD = Light Landing Device
LPA = Amphibious Personnel Transport
LPD = Landing Platform Dock (troops)
LPH = Landing Platform Helicopter (Iwo Jima SCB-157 & SCB-401-66 class)
LSD = Landing Ship Dock (vehicles)
LSO = Landing Signal Officer
LST = Landing Ship Tank

MAD = Magnetic Anomaly Detector
"Meatball" = being in the axis of the carrier
"Military Power" = max. speed without afterburner
MOVLAS = Manually Operated Visual Landing System
MSL = Mean Sea Level

NAS = Naval Air Station
NATOPS = Naval Aviation Operations Procedures
NBC = Nuclear Biological Chemical
NH = Nato Helicopter
"No Joy" = no radio contact on the target
NS = Naval Station
"Nugget" = Navy jargon for a young pilot on his 1st deployment.

OCA = Offensive Counter Air

PAA = Primary Aircraft Authorized
PLS = Personal Locating System

RAAF = Royal Australian Air Force
RAF = Royal Air Force
RAT = Ran Air Turbine
RIO = Radar Interceptor Operator
RN = Royal Navy
RNAS = Royal Naval Air Service
ROE = Rules Of Engagement
"Roger" = ok

SAR = Search And Rescue or Synthetic-Aperture Radar
SAS = Special Air Service
SEAL = SEa Air Land
SIF = Selective Identification Feature
SIGINT = SIGnals INTelligence
"Splash" = target hit
SS = Classical Submarine
SSA = Rescue Submarine
SSAN = Nuclear Rescue and Auxiliary Submarine
SSBN = Nuclear Submarine with Ballistic Missiles
SSG = Classical Submarine with Ballistic Missiles
SSGN = Nuclear Attack Submarine with Ballistic Missiles
SSN = Nuclear Attack Submarine with Torpedoes
SSQ = Commanding Submarine
SSQN = Nuclear Command Submarine

TACAN = Tactical Air NAvigation
TASMO = Tactical Air Surface Maritime Operation
"Tally-ho" = Target in view

UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCAV = Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle
UHF = Ultra High Frequency
USAF = United States Air Force
USCG = United States Coast Guard
USMC = United States Marine Corps
USN = United States Navy
USS = United States Ship

VHF = Very High Frequency
VLF = Very Low Frequency
V/ STOL = Vertical/ Short Take Off & Landing
"Vulture's row" = best place to watch landings and catapultings aboard a USN carrier

"Wave off" = being not in the axis of the carrier - try again !!!
"Wilco" = ok
"Winchester" = no ammunition
WOD = Wind Over the Deck
WOP = Wing Outer Panel