French Fleet Air Arm web site's origins are two-fold : a passion for French Naval Aviation, and the lack of related information on the web. The French Fleet Air Arm website has found its audience, and its success grows everyday, with an average of 100 visitors per day. This modest notoriety is not limited to the French hexagon, and the site is frequently visited by people from the United States Armed Forces, but also by English, German, Belgian and Brazilian enthusiasts...

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Online since 28 November 1998, the French Fleet Air Arm website does its best to be as thorough as possible, and to do so we perform frequent updates, with entirely new projects but also with the improvement of older files. Furthermore, appearance and spelling are stressed on, and as a consequence minor modifications are made on a regular basis. Yet, if you spot a spelling mistake, typo, but also a historical or technical mistake, please tell us so, and the mistake will be corrected within a very short notice.

If you happen to own photographs, log books or any other items related to naval aviation, please send them to us, so we can put them online and share them with as many enthusiasts as possible. If you cannot scan them, you can still send them to us and we will scan them for you, and return them quickly (usually two weeks).

If you are in the military, active or retired, and you want to create a page on your unit, base, ship or aircraft, available on our website, tell us so, and we will gladly help you. Any historical, technical or humoristic information is also welcome. Nothing can beat real time experiences!


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