Insignia of the 32F squadron.


This unit was born on January 1st 1958 at NAS Cuers-Pierrefeu and equipped with HSS-1s. It reached NAS Lartigue on February 18th. It was sent over Moroccan and Algerian borders during Algeria War in the 1960s. On February 26th 1959, it was congratulated by the French Secretary of Defence for its work over there.

In July 1962, after 20,000 flight hours over North Africa, it moved to NAS St-Mandrier, where it became an ASW unit. Two years later, in June 1964, the 32F squadron reached NAS Lanvéoc-Poulmic and provided detachments aboard the CH/CVS Jeanne d'Arc. On February 1st 1970, when the huge SA-321G Super-Frelon has been commissioned, the unit has been able to provide all-weather ASW & rescue missions. On September 1st 1981, the headquarters of the French Navy has decided to convert the 32F into tactical transport unit. Last step of the 32F : since September 1st 1993, the unit has led and provided Search & Rescue operations in Brittany. Various detachments have been set up along French coastlines such as at Le Touquet, Cherbourg, La Rochelle and Hyères since September 15th 1997. Those detachments are composed by one SA-365SP Dauphin with two teams (6 men each ones including pilots and mechanics). Since 1970, 1,517 persons have been rescued by the squadron (including Erika and Amoco-Cadiz tankers' crews). In 1999, 205 persons have been rescued during about 391 missions (643 flight hours).