Insignia of the 2F squadron.
Insignia of the 2F squadron.


The 2F, was the heir of bombing squadrons 1B (heir of the B squadron) and 5B (heir of the 10E, 3S3 and 14E squadrons). The 2F squadron was created at Bizerte in fall 1940. It was equipped with thirteen Glenn-Martin 167s, based in North Africa, then, from June 1941 at NAS Dakar. It provided reconnaissance missions over the straits of Gibraltar and over Freetown. Between 1941 and 1942, four crew members were lost. In 1943, four Hudsons replaced Glenn-Martins which were shot. In 1943, several mechanics and pilots of the 2F were sent to England, to be trained on a new aircraft, the Wellington. The squadron was renamed 344th squadron, and operated under the leading of the allied commanding from NAS Dakar between July 1943 and October 1945. It took part in the Atlantic battle. It carried on 507 war missions, and it received the War Cross. The unit operated from Dakar until moving to Port-Lyautey in January 1950. From 1952, Wellingtons were replaced by Lancaster WUs. On June 20th 1953, it was renamed 23F.



Its first mission was reconnaissance (with Glenn Martin 167s and Hudsons). Then, it provided, anti-submarine warfare missions with its Lancaster WUs and Wellingtons.