Insignia of the 23F squadron.


Heir of the 2F squadron, on June 20th 1953, it was renamed 23F at NAS Port-Lyautey. Lancasters were replaced by P2V-6s in 1956 and by P2V-7 Neptunes in 1959. In January 1961, the unit left Morocco, and moved to NAS Lann-Bihoué. In 1968, 1970 and 1971, the squadron provided maritime patrol over the French Nuclear Test Range in the Pacific Ocean. In 1971, it took delivery of a new ASW aircraft, the Br-1050 Atlantic (Atl-1). The 23F took part in many operations over war areas such as Mauritania, Chad and Central African Republic which amassed more than 4,000 flight hours. It was the 1st squadron of the French Naval Aviation equipped with the new ASW plane, the Atlantique 2 (Atl-2). The aircraft has flown under its colors since 1991.