CV Clemenceau

Excerpt from the excellent book written by Vice-Amiral Vercken "Le Clemenceau 1957-1997" SPE 1997. 



  • STCAN improves PA 28 design, from 1947, with larger dimensions and new technologies. Project is named PA54.
  • Late1953 : Project's modernisation with a 8.5 degrees angled deck and repositioning of catapults and lifts.


  • May : Laying down signed by Jacques Gavini, the PA 54 becomes Clemenceau.


  • December : First blocks are fitted in Laninon dock #9 at Brest.


  • December 20th : Hull to be floated.


  • Early 1958 : A reduced staff is created.


  • Fitting problems with catapults.
  • September 29th : Fitting out of the carrier for trials. Captain Lorain was appointed as commanding officer.


  • Summer : 100 mm AA turrets are fitted.


  • November 22nd : Clemenceau is commissioned and assigned to the carrier Task Force (ALPA), Toulon.
  • November 29th : Sailing into Toulon.
  • December : Training of Alizé (4F - 9F) and Aquilon (11F -16F) equipped squadrons.


  • January : anti-air defense at sea training, at CEF, jointly with ASW training.
  • January 29th - February 5th : Joins in OTAN exercise BigGame, with the 6th Fleet (USS Saratoga and Intrepid), in Western Mediterranean Sea, as an ASW carrier.
  • March 9th - April 2nd : Joins in NATO exercise Dawn Breeze VII, in Gibraltar area. During that exercise : Gannets and Sea Vixens from the Royal Navy perform take offs and landings, so does a Crusader from the CV Saratoga. The French Naval Aviation tests this fighter before its purchase.
  • May 4th - June 11th : Joins in spring Fleet sortie with the CG Colbert, ten destroyers and one oiler, in the Atlantic, the Channel and the North Sea.
  • August : Exercises in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic, with Alizés and HSS.
  • October 8th - 11th : Joins in national exercise Linois (escort of a convoy Algeria-France).
  • October 11th : General de Gaulle goes on board, for the end of exercise. Landing accident of an Alizé and death of two crew men.
  • October 17th - 20th : Embarking of 4 Etendard IV (15F) for assessment sortie.


  • February 11th - March 23rd : Joins in fleet sortie with 4F (Alizé) and 16F (Aquilon) (HSS) squadrons.
  • August 6th - 10th : Sails from Toulon to Brest. Regular overhaul for 7 months.


  • March 17th - 20th : Engine tests on the Glénans area.
  • July 1st : Start of the movie shooting "Le ciel sur la tête".
  • July 29th - August 9th : Carry on shooting at sea, off Provence coast, with an air group (Alizés and Etendard).
  • October 7th - 23rd : Join in fleet sortie Lavezzi II, off Bonifacio. ASW exercise Libeccio.
  • November 4th - December 17th : Training at CEF, with 5 shorts sorties with both planes/helicopters air groups. Anti-air defense and ASW exercises.


  • February 22nd - March 26th : Join in fleet sortie Lobos, mainly off the Canary islands. Air group includes 4F (Alizé), 31F and 33F (HSS). French-spanish assault helicopter exercise on Fuerteventura, on 9-10 March.
  • April 28th - May 9th : First landings aboard the Clemenceau for 4 F-8E (FN) Crusader.
  • May 12th - June 25th : Join in NATO exercise Fair Game III (17-26 May), and assault exercise Alligator in Corsica (10-12 June).
  • October 14th - 16th : Join in fleet sortie Lavezzi III, off Provence and Corsica coasts.


  • January 1st : Dock in for regular overhauling (one year), in NS Brest.


  • January 19th - March 17th : Tests and training with the 4F,12F, 15F and 17F squadrons, in the Atlantic.
  • April 17th - 29th : ALPA training in the Mediterranean Sea with 9F, 12F, 15F and 16F squadrons.
  • May 13th - June 10th : Anti-air defense training.
  • June 12th - 17th : Sails from Toulon to Brest. Exercises with the Mediterranean and Atlantic Fleets.
  • September 1st - October 13th : French-Ivorian combined arms exercise Alligator III, in Ivory Coast, with the Mediterranean Fleet, the Arromanches carrier and the amphibious flotilla. Air group includes 6 Crusader (12 F), 8 Alizé (4F), 18 Etendard IV M (11 F) and Etendard IV P (16F).
  • November 8th - December 1st : Training and carqual for 6F and 9F (Alizé), 14F (Crusader), 15F, 17F and 59S (Etendard) squadrons.


  • January 29th - February 1st : Sortie off Toulon to assist search for SS Minerve, declared missing on January 27, with HSS (31F and 33F).
  • February 1st - 9th : Sortie with air group embarked for the Pacific campaign. Its includes the 9F, 17F, 31 F (34 planes) and 22S (Alouette), reinforced during voyage by 4 Super Frelon designated for 27S squadron (C.E.P.).
  • March 12th - May 18th : Sails from Toulon to Tahiti, rounding the Good Hope Cape. On 12 March, carrier sails with an air group including 12 Alizé (12F), 6 Etendard IVM (17F), 4 then 3 Etendard IVP (16F), 10 HSS (31F), 4 Super Frelon (27S), 4 Alouette III and 6 Alouette II (22S). During transit; she joins in french-malagasy exercise Lémurien, before her call in Madagascar. On 20 April, in the Indian Ocean, an Etendard IVP crashes at sea, after a jet engine failure. Pilot ejects. He is safe and sound.
  • June 10th - September 11th : Joins in nuclear tests campaign of CEP in Mururoa and Fangatufa : 4 tests (7 and 15 July, 3 and 4 August). The last is the first test-fire of a french thermonuclear bomb.
  • October 16th - December 19th : Cruise Tahiti-France rounding the Horn Cape, with Alfa Force and without Super Frelon (27S) staying in Polynesia.


  • February 7th - March 3rd : Joins in winter cruise of the Atlantic Fleet (7-20 February). French-spanish exercise Atlantide 69 on 25-28 February with the Mediterranean Fleet. Combined air/helicopter group 4 F and 6 F (Alizé), 32 F and 33 F (HSS).
  • March 5th - 14th : 59S pilots' qualification ; 4F and 6F squadrons training in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • From April 24th : Down time for repairs, then overhauling for 10 months.


  • March 16th - April 9th : Sea trials after the overhaul, then air training with the 4F, 11F, 14F and 16F squadrons. Pilots night qualifications on Crusader and Etendard.
  • May 19th - 22nd : Landing exercise Goéland along the Morbihan coast with the Arromanches and the amphibious flotilla.
  • May 24th - 28th : Joins in anti-air defense exercise Datex 70, ruled by the French Air Force.
  • June 1st - 20th : Spring cruise of Atlantic Fleet in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. Call in Rotterdam on 5-9 June and in Oslo 15-18 June
  • July 8th -13th : First tests campaign of the Breguet Jaguar Marine prototype off Lorient (12 deck landings).


  • September 27th : During a sortie for combined arms school, a fore catapult sling slacks off at Etendard IV launching. No casualties.
  • October 15th - 26th : Sails from Brest to Toulon and second tests campaign for the Jaguar Marine in the Gulf of Lion (21 deck landings).
  • November 22th - 26th : Fast cruise Brest to Dakar and show of force, organised by the ALPA. On a two days period, about 30 Crusader and Etendard , launched from the carrier, land in Dakar. Air group includes the 4F, 12F, 14F, 16F and 17F squadrons. Carrier enters Dakar after four days at sea.
  • November 26th - December 15th : ASW exercise Albatros.


  • February 9th : During night catapult launch training, collision between two Alizés. Two planes are damaged, but no casualties.
  • March 6th - 10th : Combined arms exercise Frégate, helicopter carrier version, with helicopterlift operation in Corsica (Agriates desert), including 1300 paratroopers of the 11th Division, Marine commandos, Puma and Alouette (ALAT), Super Frelon (32 F) and HSS (33 F).
  • March 9th : Deck landing damage of an Alouette on the fore flight deck. Helicopter is destroyed. Crew and passengers safe and sound.
  • May 16th : Accidental release of a sling during catapult launch of an Etendard IVM, on side catapult. Plane stops before the end of the angled deck. No consequences.
  • May 22nd - June 11th : Spring sortie for the Atlantic Fleet in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. Operation Rayon Vert : Etendard reconnaissance till Bear Islands and air intercept training with Russian patrol planes "Bear" and "Badger", by Crusader. Air group includes : 10 Alizé (4 F), 8 Crusader 14 F, 18 Etendard IV M (11 F) and (17 F), 4 Etendard IV P (16 F).


  • January 11th - February 10th : NATO exercise Sunny Seas in the Atlantic, with Fleet.
  • January 23rd - 28th : Loss at sea of a petty officer and a sailor.
  • February 12th : Beginning of the overhaul at NS Brest.
  • October 16th - November 23rd : Test and training on.
  • November 30th - December 14th : Exercise Capricorne in the Mediterranean Sea.


  • February 4th - 27th : Aviation tests at sea, post overhaul .
  • May 2nd - 4th : Exercise Galère.
  • May 6th - 28th : Joins in the Atlantic Fleet for Spring cruise. Exercise Croix du Sud, off Gibraltar. Call in Vigo 17-20 May.
  • June 17th - 21st : Intervention exercise Sterne 74 with the CV Foch, in the Atlantic.
  • September 24th : A flight deck lorry falls in fore lift pit. Driver is killed.
  • September 23rd : Saphor Task Force TO 624.2 is made up. It includes the CV Clemenceau, the FF Tourville, Bouvet, and oilers Saone and Aber Wrach. On board carrier, there are navy commando Jaubert, 14 Etendard IV M (17F), 3 Etendard P (16F), 8 Crusader (14F), 5 Alizé (4F), 8 HSS (33F), 2 Super Frelon (32F) and 2 Alouette III (22S). Task Force is under command of Captain Degermann, commanding officer of Clemenceau, staff is reinforced by 3 officers of Alacant and Alpa.
  • October 8th - March 25th : Operation SAPHIR.
  • October 8th - November 15th : Task Force including Clemenceau, Bouvet and Saone, sails off Brest bound to Djibouti. It arrives 15 November, after meeting with the Task Force Leningrad (URSS) off Cape and exercises with warships on area and land troops. A HSS is destroyed during a shore exercise. No casualties.
  • November 15th - February 4th : During presence on area, Clemenceau joins in operations Tarante, Galamo and Matapan in Aden gulf.


  • February 7th : Mauritius island is devastated by tropical cyclone Genaise. Call is cancelled and Clemenceau, alone, steams at 24 knots for Port-Louis. It arrives 10 February in the morning. During a week, he joins in american, british and russian assistance ships.
  • March 25th : Come back in Brest. End of operation SAPHIR.
  • April 1st - June 30th : Trials after overhauling and first tests of the Super Etendard. Visit of the french Prime Minister Jacques Chirac.
  • September 18th - October 1st : Carry on training off Brest. Landing deck crash of a Crusader on 24 September (some material damage).
  • October 14th - December 12th : Training sorties off Provence coast and joining in national operation Datex on 20-24 October. Call in Marseilles on 5-8 December.


  • May 3rd - 13th : NATO exercise Dawn patrol with the american 6th Fleet.
  • July 11th : Joins in Naval Parade off Nice and Toulon. French President Giscard d'Estaing embarks on board.
  • July 19th - September 15th : Beginning of the overhaul.
  • October 1st - 12th : NATO operation Display Determination with american 6th Fleet.
  • October 25th - December 10th : Second part of the overhaul.


  • January 17th - March 4th : Tests of the Super Etendard and training sorties.
  • April 5th - June 21st : Operation SAPHIR II. Naval air group is sent to a presence operation in the Gulf of Aden. The new Republic of Djibouti attains independence while its two neighbours, Ethiopia and Somalia are at war in Ogaden district.
  • April 5th : Task Force sails off Djibouti under command of captain Ménettrier (ALPA). Air group includes 6 Alizé (4F), 16 Etendard IV M (17F 11F), 4 Etendard IV P (16F), 10 Crusader (12F), 2 Super Frelon (32F) and 2 Alouette (23S). The Suez canal is crossed on 12 April, and carrier arrives at Djibouti on 16.
  • April 16th - June 11th : Three training sorties in the Indian Ocean (25-29 April, 6-12 May, 23-30 May).
  • May 7th : Skirmish between 2 F-8Es and 2 MIG-21s (South Yemen) above Aden gulf. No consequences.
  • May 18th : A Super Frelon is destroyed during a take-off at Ali-Sabieh.
  • June 11th : A Etendard IVP crashes at sea in the Gulf of Tadjourah. Pilot is missing.
  • June 21st : Arrival in Toulon. End of operation SAPHIR II.
  • June 30th - July 13th : Tests of the Super Etendard.
  • July 13th : Beginning of general overhaul, including accommodation refit, CIC modernisation (SENIT), fittings for Super Etendards and tactical nuclear arm.


  • November 22nd : End of the overhaul - reconditioning. Sea trials till January 1979.


  • January 29th to February 22nd : Training at CEF (Centre d'Entraînement de la Flotte).
  • March 9th - 20th : Joins in the Cariatides Fleet sortie in central Mediterranean. On 11 March, serious accident during catapult launch of an Etendard 17 F, on side catapult (two missing, one dead, three wounded persons).
  • April 18th - May 2nd : Amphibious exercise Exentia along Vendée coast.
  • May 9th to 24th : Joins in NATO exercise Dawn Patrol, interrupted by damage turbine.
  • September 12th to 30th : Engine trials after repairs, training.
  • November 14th to 24th : Exercice Iles d'Or with the mediterranean Fleet. Implementation of Super-Etendard 11F.
  • December 17th : Reduce complement and start of a five months overhaul. Rearrangement for Super-Etendard


  • May 13th - July 4th : Full complement. Trials after overhauling and preparation to operational condition.
  • September 10th to 24th : Trials and air training.
  • September 30th - October 23rd : Joins in NATO exercise Display Determination.
  • December 1st to 12th : Joins in Fleet exercise Frimas 80.


  • February 15th March : Training exercises for nuclear operations Tarot.
  • March 10th - 27th : Combined fleet exercise Ares 81, in the Atlantic.
  • May 11th - June 4th : Joins in combined exercise Dual Dagger, then sortie Coriolan of fleet air group in eastern Mediterranean.
  • June 2nd - 4th : Training exercise to nuclear operations Tora.
  • September 7th - 18th : Joins in combined exercise Ocean Safari 81 in Atlantic, with two fleets ships and the USS Eisenhower.
  • October 19th - 25th : Intervention exercise Frégate around Argelès.
  • October 26th : A Crusader (12F) founders off Cape Camarat , after catapulting from Clemenceau.
  • October 27th - 31st : Combined arms exercise Farfadet, in Corsica with the 11th Division and 27 Puma and Gazelle from the ALAT on board.
  • November 1st - 7th : Exercises with the CV Foch. Nuclear operations training Tarot 2
  • November 14th - 30th : Joins in Iles d'Or exercise with Fleet and American 6th fleet (USS Nimitz).
  • December 14 - 16th : Test fire campaign of the Super Etendard equipped with AM-39 air-to-surface missiles, at the CEV (Flight Test Center).


  • January 10th - 18th : Helicopter lift exercise Agriates in Corsica, with 28 Puma helicopters from the ALAT and Super Frelons.
  • February 1st : Start of the overhaul.
  • June 28th - July 13th : Joins in Naval Parade in Toulon under authority of the French President, François Mitterand. Level complement PA2 (helicopter carrier complement)
  • November 15th - 19th : Carry on overhauling, then sea trials starting 25 October.
  • November 21st - December 6th : Sortie of the Carrier Group in the Atlantic with the Foch (Thiof operation). Air group includes 35 planes.


  • February 7th - 8th : Fleet sortie Escaume, interrupted on the 7th by damage (breakage of "carottes" steam inlets on the two catapults. After coming back to Toulon, the Air group is unloaded by crane on wharf and sent by land to Hyères.
  • March 8th - 18th : Catapults tests.
  • April 17th -22nd : Joins in combined arms exercise Farfadet along Languedoc-Roussillon coast with 15 planes and 20 helicopters (ALAT and navy)
  • May 2nd - 12th : Sortie with the CV Foch, then training with ALAT helicopters.
  • July 6th : night deck landing damage of a Crusader (no casualties).
  • August 31st : Warning condition for Lebanon intervention. The Foch sails off 2 September.
  • September 20th - 22nd : Combined arms sortie with Air Army.
  • September 30th : Sail off Toulon for Middle-East, without air group on board.
  • October 4th - 6th : The carrier joins the TF 452 in view of Beirut, 4 October in the morning. PAI transformation starts at sea with helicopters and ends at Lamaka anchorage. 592 hands, 120 tons of ammunition and equipment are tranfered by Ouragan CTMs and Super Frelons. Rear Admiral Klotz, CTF 452, and his staff, embark 5 October. Air group joins carrier 6 October, after sailing off the two carriers (6 Crusader (12F), 15 Super Etendard (11F, 14F, 17F), 3 Etendard IV P (16F), 5 Alizé (6F) and 6 Super Frelon (32 et 33F)).
  • October 6th - November 30th : operation OLIFANT XVIII. The carrier received instruction, on 6 October in the evening, to take position between Cyprus and Crete, to insure technical call of 5 Super-Etendard lent by French Government to Irak (at war with Iran). Piloted by French naval pilots, they land 7 October in the evening and catapulted next morning. They refuel in flight and land at Bagdad without call.
  • November 17th : At 2 p.m., local time, the Clemenceau receives instructions to launch reprisal operation, following the 23 October attempt against Drakkar building, against terrorists basis near Baalbeck. An eight Etendard force is launched at 1550B. Planes are fitted with four 400 kg bombs or six 250 kg bombs. Two Crusader insure air support on return. Target is hit at 1620B. All planes come back.
  • November 29th : A Lynx (31F) from Dupleix, flounders by night, during a passage between Beirut and Clemenceau (two deads, one missing).
  • November 30th : Operation Olifant XVIII takes end and Rear Admiral Klotz is replaced by Vice Admiral Louzeau as the CTF 452, 1 December.
  • December 1st - March 14th : Operation OLIFANT XIX
  • December 3rd : Reconnaissance flight by 3 Etendard IVP equipped with cameras, above Chiyah district in Beirut. They are escorted by a Super Etendard.
  • December 21st : Following an attempt against the french position Frégate in Beirut, a Super Frelon takes off at 2025B with medical gang. It comes back with 8 wounded.


  • January 4th : Vice Admiral Louzeau and his staff are transferred on board the FFG Duquesne. On 5 January, the carrier leaves the area. She arrives in Toulon on 8 January. Change of commanding officer on 12 January.
  • January 12th - March 14th : Following, then end of operation OLIFANT XIX.
  • January 24th : Departure from Toulon towards Lebanon. Air group includes : six Crusader 12 F, ten Super-Etendard 11F et 14F, three Etendard IV P 16F, five Alizé 4F, four Super-Frelon 33F, two Lynx 31F and three Puma from ALAT.
  • February 15th : An Alizé in operation, is hit by a ground-to-air missile, probably Syrian, and comes back on board without main damage.
  • March 14th - May 4th : Operation OLIFANT XX. During this time, the carrier joins in operation Carrelet (withdrawal of french troops from Beirut, then maintain French presence off Lebanon.
  • March 20th - 31st : Operation Carrelet. Reembarkation of french troops in Beirut, aboard the Esterel, the Ouragan and the Clemenceau.
  • July 31th - September 14th : Return to PA1 complement. Turbine damage on 14 September.
  • September 17th - January 10th : Turbine repair, then propulsion trials. Recover PA1 complement.


  • February 3rd - 22nd : Joins in fleet exercise Amphora.
  • February 25th - March 21st : Exercise Tarot 85.
  • May 4th - 16th : Joins in NATO exercise Distant Hammer in Mediterranean.
  • May 9th : Crusader deck crash, during night landing. Plane is destroyed, pilot safe and sound. An other Crusader is damaged.
  • May 17th - June 4th : joins in fleet sortie Amphitrite.
  • May 28th : During a landing approach, an Alizé, crashes on sea on the aft of the carrier. Pilot missing, three other crew members safe.
  • September 3rd : Reduced complement and docking for the overhaul and modernisation during 4 months (repair of propulsion system, extension of connexion, computing and intelligence systems, fitting two self-defense Crotale Naval Edit in place of two 100 mm batteries (fore starboard and aft port).


  • October 31st : Beginning trials after overhauling (sea trials, aviation and Crotale tests).


  • January 23th : End of trials.
  • March 9th - April 3rd : Air group Nord to be embarked. From 16 March, Fleet training sortie Odysseus.
  • April 27th - May 16th : Follow up training. Joining in OTAN exercise Dragon Hammer from 6 to 13 May.
  • May 16th - June 26th : Joining in fleet cruise Armorique in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.
  • June 12th : Crusader to be damaged at landing in Biscay gulf.
  • July 25th : During Saturday to Sunday night, carrier receives orders to take 24 hours alert for an overseas operation. It is the summer leave period for Clemenceau (watch by watch). Naval air group 623.2 is made up under tactical command of rear admiral Le Pichon (ALPA). It includes Clemenceau, Suffren, Duquesne and oiler Meuse. Air group includes 8 Crusader (12F), 14 Super Etendard (11F, 17F), 2 Etendard IV P (16F), 6 Alizé (4F), 2 Super Frelon (33F), 2 Lynx (31f) and 2 Alouette III (23S).
  • July 30th - August 12th : TG 623.2 sails off bound to Suez, on afternoon 30 July. It passages Suez canal on 5 August and arrives in Aden gulf on 10 August.
  • August 13th : Beginning of the operation Prométhée. The ship receives orders to position in Oman sea. Instructions are given to insure french merchant traffic cover in Persian gulf during war between Iran and Iraq. She arrives on area on 15 August.
  • November 12th - December 1st : Third patrol in operation area. Iranian P3F to be intercepted by CAP Crusader.
  • December 10th : A Lynx is damaged during a flight (it takes off from land). No casualties.


  • January 20th : Interception of two russian Mays. They were patrolling on zone.
  • February 14th - March 15th : Fifth patrol in operations' area. Carry on merchant vessels' protection, naval and air Iranian activities intelligence, training both with air group of the USS Enterprise..
  • April 7th - May 6th : Sixth patrol in operations' area. Recrudescence of tension between United States and Iran after explosion of the USS Roberts on mine and American reprisals against three oil platforms and naval Iranian ships. Protection of merchant ships in Ormuz strait. Interception of Russian May and Iranian P3 planes.
  • May 26th - June 26th : Presence operation in Indian Ocean.
  • June 26th - August 15th : Sixth patrol in operations' area.
  • July 17th : Super Etendard #54 is damaged during night flight. Pilot is killed.
  • August 15th - September 4th : Overhaul period at Djibouti. Air group comes back to France.


  • January 19th - February 3rd : Fleet cruise to Iberia.
  • February 4th - 14th : Combined exercise Phinia with the Foch and the USS Theodore Roosevelt carriers.
  • February 4th : A Crusader crashes on sea during a patrol. Pilot missing. Plane destroyed.
  • May 16th - November 17th : Overhauling.
  • November 20th - December 20th : Trials following the overhaul. Training of ALAT pilots.


  • January 22nd - February 9th : Carry on trials after IPER, then carqual of pilots.
  • March : 5th - 26th : Training at the CEF.
  • March 29th - 30th : ALAT pilots training.
  • April 20th - May 2nd : Exercise Dam/Tam, then Farfadet (helicopter intervention with ALAT).
  • June 18th - 29th : Trials of modernised Super-Etendard and Etendard IVP. Alpha Jet landing approaches. Puma training for ALAT.
  • August 9th : At 2000Z, carrier is on alert while crewmen are on summer leave (watch and watch, and relieve period.
  • August 12th: Embarkation of 4 Puma, 30 Gazelle, 70 vehicles and 600 men of 5th RHC.
  • August 13th : Operation Salamandre. Sail off of the TG 623.3 under command of rear admiral Wild. It includes the Clemenceau, the Colbert and the Var. Last planes of air group embark in the afternoon (4 ALM (4F), 8 Puma (5th RHC) and 2 Dauphin). The ship sails off Djibouti 28 August. After exercises in Oman gulf with Emirates and Oman sultanate army, she call in Yanbu to disembark part of the 5th RHC.
  • December 1st - 17th : Trials of modernised Super-Etendard.


  • February 4th - March 27th : Deck landing qualifications.
  • April 8th - 15th : Fleet exercise Sardinia.
  • May 31st - June 14th : NATO exercise Ocean Safari in Atlantic, with 110 ships from 11 allied states.
  • June 18th - 28th : Trials and operational evaluation American Hawkeye E2C.
  • July 21st : At berth, in NS Toulon, important fire in hangar #3, damaging landing brakes located at top of the hangar.
  • September 16th - November 8th : Three training sorties for ALAT pilots.
  • November 12th - 15th : Combined exercise Iles d'Or 91 (40 ships of nine states)
  • November 19th - 20th : French-Tunisian exercise Pangolin.


  • January 2nd : Start of long time overhaul.
  • June 5th - 25th : End of the overhaul and sea trials.
  • September 21st - October 23rd : Recce training. ALFAN and ALAE exercise Dasix - La Fayette exercice Tarot.
  • November 5th - 26th : Sortie Hamilcar with the FAN (Naval Action Force). French-Tunisian exercise Pangolin. Italian exercise Isola Bella.


  • January 25th : Carrier calls off for young pilots qualifications. She is back in Toulon on 26 January to prepare departure bound to the Adriatic.
  • January 28th - March 15th : Operation Balbuzar, first patrol. On 28 January, carrier sails off again. Rear admiral Wild, CTG 470.1 and his staff are on board. This CTG is a part of the TG 470 including the CV Clemenceau, the FFG Jean-Bart, the FFG Suffren, the FF La Motte Picquet, the FF Georges Leygues, the LPD Foudre and the AOR Marne and Meuse. Air group includes 18 Super Frelon (17F, 11F), 4 Crusader (12F), 3 Etendard IV PM (16F), 6 Alizé (6F), 4 Super Frelon (32F. 33F), 2 Dauphin and 1 Alouette III (23S).
  • January 31st : Carrier cruises on the Adriatic zone where is the USS Kennedy task force. Planes are in warning condition for reconnaissance, support, intercept and SAR operations.
  • March 29th - June 21st : Operation Balbuzar, second patrol.
  • March 29th : TG 470.1 formed with the CV Clemenceau, the FF Georges Leygues and the FFG Cassard, sails off. Air group is the same. A half navy commando Jaubert (then Trepel) is embarked.
  • April 8th : First operation of Alizé ELINT.
  • April 12th : Beginning of operation Deny Flight/Crécerelle. Night and day fighters above Bosnia. This evening, an Air Force Mirage 2000 crashes on sea, because of jet engine failure. Pilot is expelled. Located by a Lynx from the Cassard, he is salved by a Dauphin from the CV Clemenceau on limit of Croats territorial waters.
  • May 17th : First recce operation above Bosnia-Herzegovina by Etendard IVPM.
  • August 27th : Change of commanding officer. During this mission, 44 recce sorties by Etendard IVP above Bosnia and 91 ELINT sorties by Alizé, have been done. Fire support training (Bosnia standard) started above italian fields of fire, for Super-Etendards.
  • September 2nd - October 15th : Operation Balbuzard, third patrol. Carrier sails 2 September in the evening with staff of rear-admiral Witrand (CTF 470) on board, joined by the FFG Suffren and the AOR Meuse to relieve Foch. Air group includes 15 Super Etendard (11F), 4 Etendard IV PM (16F), 6 Alizé (4F), 2 Super Frelon (33F), 2 Dauphin, 1 Alouette III (23S) and 2 Puma (ALAT).
  • September 7th : The Clemenceau is on area and starts flights above Bosnia. Support and air alert flights start with Super-Etendard fitted with bombs or rockets. Air activities are coordinated with those of the CV USS America and the CVS HMS Invincible, so in the Adriatic Sea.
  • September 18th : Catapult launch of two Sucap in alert for the benefit of TG440, which operates mission Sharp Guard (embargo control of Serbia and Montenegro). During this operation : 64 tactical scouting sorties, 66 support sorties, 36 ELINT sorties for Deny Flight/Crécerelle, 12 Sucap sorties for Shap Guard, have been done.


  • March 24th - May 3rd : Operation Balbuzard, fourth patrol.
  • March 24th : Departure from Toulon with the FFG Jean Bart and the AOR Marne. The Rear-Admiral Witrand and his staff are on board. Air group is similar. Half of navy commando Penfentenyo is on board.
  • March 27th : During passage, one Super-Etendard 5 crashes on sea. Pilot is safe and sound. Air operations restart : scouting, support, ELINT for Deny Flight, Sucap for Sharp Guard. USS Saratoga and Ark Royal are on area.
  • April 15th : Etendard IVPM #115 is hit by a ground-to-air missile during a recce on Gorazde. Pilot, lieutenant-commander Clary, comes back with the damaged plane.
  • June 5th - 14th : Combined exercises Iles d'Or, then Dam/Tam.
  • June 9th : Salving of an American helicopter Sea Hawk, lost in night fog.
  • July 4th - July 29th : Operation Balbuzard, fifth patrol.
  • July 4th : Sail off from Toulon with the FFG Cassard and the AOR Marne. Air group includes 14 Super Etendard (11F), 4 Etendard IV PM (16F), 4 Crusader (12F), 5 Alizé (4F), 2 Super Frelon (33F), 2 Dauphin, 1 Alouette III (23S) and 2 Puma (ALAT). On zone, carrier meets the CVN USS Georges Washington and the CVS HMS Ark Royal. Same mission as previous.
  • July 29th : During the mission : 50 recce sorties, 82 night and day support for Deny Flight, 16 Sucap sorties for Sharp Guard have been done.
  • August 13th - 14th : Naval parade off Provence coast.
  • August 16th - October 10th : Pre-overhaul, PA2 complement. Overhauling from 2 October 1994 until 28 June 1995.


  • June 28th : End of the overhaul.
  • June 29th - July 28th : Trials and beginning of training.
  • November 15th - 16th : Propulsion trials.
  • November 22nd - 28th : Two air trials.
  • December 6th - 17th : Scouting reconnaissance ALFAN, then ALAE.
  • December 14th : Loss at sea of an Alizé (4F) during return of operation. Crew safe and sound.
  • December 17th - February 8th : Salamandre operation, first patrol.
  • December 17th : Sailing from Toulon with the FFG Jean Bart and the AOR Meuse. Rear-admiral Célérier, CTF 470, is on board. Air group South is in connexion with the last operation Balbuzard.
  • December 20th : Start of air operations above Bosnia, for Decisive Edge. Presence on area of the CV USS America and the CVS HMS Illustrious.


  • January 19th : Restart of operational flights for Decisive Endeavour
  • February 8th : During this operation : 46 tactical scouting sorties, 128 support sorties, 10 ELINT sorties, 30 CAP sorties for the benefit of Decisive Endeavour.
  • March 13th - 29th : Operation Salamandre, second patrol.
  • March 16th - 27th : 38 recce sorties, 86 night and day support sorties, 5 ELINT sorties, 11 CAP sorties have been done.
  • March 29th - April 4th : Qualification sortie.
  • June 2nd - 4th : Trials of modernised Super-Etendard.
  • June 5th - 6th : Exercise Dam/Tam.
  • June 10th - 25th : Training sortie FAN.
  • September 16th - October 3rd : Training sortie FAN.
  • October 20th - 25th : Exercise Esterel et qualification sortie.
  • November 25th - December 9th : Operation Salamandre, third patrol.
  • November 25th : Way out with the FFG Duquesne and the AOR Marne.
  • November 28th : Start of flights above Bosnia. The Clemenceau is the only one carrier on area.
  • December 9th : Results : 26 reconnaissance sorties, 30 support sorties, 2 ELINT sorties.


  • January 29th - February 28th : FAN training sortie with GASM ships .
  • March 23rd - 28th : Qualification sortie.
  • May 20th - 30th : Exercise Iles d'Or. The Clemenceau joins in TG EUROMARFOR.
  • May 23rd : Loss of an Etendard IVPM. Jet engine failure during take off. Rescued pilot, safe and sound.
  • June 2nd - 6th : Qualification sortie.
  • June 7th - July 17th : Sortie Flambeau.
  • July 16th : Retired sailors sortie.
  • July 17th : Commanding officers sortie.
  • September 25th : decommissioned.


  • Clemenceau is anchored in Toulon, waiting to be transferred to the brazilian navy, with the Foch.