Martin P5M-2 Marlin of the 27F squadron. (ARR)

Martin P5M-2 Marlin of the 27F squadron. (ARR)




The Marlin was in fact, the heir of the PBM-5 Mariner, a flying boat built in 1949 for the US Navy (1 366 examples). The prototype of the American maritime patrol flying-boat Martin XP5M-1 Marlin, motorized with two Wright R-3350s of 3 450 hp made its first flight on May 30th 1948. In 1950, the serial version was defined by Martin and the main differences between this version and the prototype were :

The following versions of the Marlin were built :

It was ordered by the US Navy (two versions, P5M-1 and P5M-2). First serial example, flew in June 1951, and was delivered in April 1952. Martin built for one year 114 P5M-1s and 80 P5M-1Ss. In 1953, a new version with new engines (two Wright R-3350-32 WA "Turbo Compound" of 3 450 hp) and a new vertical stabilizater appeared. It made its first flight in August 1953. 145 P5M-2s were built for the US Navy (VP-40, -45, -48 and -50 squadrons) and for the USCG.

When the French Navy needed to replace its old Short Sunderlands based at NAS Dakar, ten examples of the Marlin (BuAer 146440-445 and BuAer 147539-542) were delivered within the Mutual Defence Aid Pact. The first P5M-2 of the French Navy was named by Mrs Poncet (Naval Attaché Admiral's wife) on January 9th 1959 at Baltimore (USA). French crews were trained at NAS Corpus-Christi and NAS Norfolk until May 1959. The aircraft were convoyed from Norfolk to Dakar, stopping over at the following country's airfields : Guantanamo (Cuba), Port of Spain (Trinity Islands), Belem (Brazil) and Natal (Brazil). It lasted ten flight hours, and 3 000 km. First Marlins landed at NAS Dakar on May 8th 1959, at 6 h 30 PM. The 10th example was put in reserve at NS Toulon. The aircraft were given back to the USA on August 26th 1964 and the only flying-Marlin unit of the French Navy, the 27F, was dissolved on October 1st 1964. It was the last flying-boat type used by the French Navy. It could accommodate eleven crew members.


Specifications :

99 ft
30. 18 m
118. 1 ft
36 m
34. 77 ft
10. 60 m
46 980 lb (empty)/ 73 149 lb (full)
21 310 kg (empty)/ 33 180 kg (full)
245. 44 mph
395 km/ h
2 699 nm
5 000 km
6 900 hp
5 147 kW


 It was equipped with :