Insignia of the 58S squadron.


The 58S was created in 1951 at NAS Saint-Mandrier in order to provide helicopter's pilot trainings. It was the first unit equipped with that new kind of aircraft. First, it took delivery of several Bell-47D1/ Gs (1951-1960), Sikorsky S-51s (1951-1953) and few Piasecki HUP-2s (1953-1959). It was set up in 1954 at NAS Fréjus-Saint-Raphaël, where it was re-equipped with SA-313/ -318 Alouette IIs, S-55s and H-19Ds. It disappeared in 1960, when the French Air Force and the French Army began providing trainings of the French Navy's helicopter pilots, at Chambéry and Dax.



It was a training unit of the French Naval Aviation. In fact it was considered as a French Navy Helicopter School.